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The company NASTROJE CZ was established on 2nd February 2006. The main activities are production and development of ground twist drills and their sale in the Czech Republic as well as within Europe. We followed rich experience of the company EN NASTROJE which has been dealing with the questions of drills since 1992. In 2011 there was fusion with the company VELKOOBCHOD NÁSTROJŮ ŠITINA, which caused not only important capital strength of the company but also brought knowledge of business and taps production. This fusion of the two companies was the logical outcome of their activities in the area of holes machining, tapping and sales with the effort for transforming and combining many years´ knowledge into one whole from the production and business point of view. It is the birth of a modern, viable trade and production company.
In 2014 the complete reconstruction of the building in the former premises of „Šroubárny“ in Ždánice was finished. The production hall, warehouse, administration, training and testing centres are situated there.

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The company NASTROJE CZ specializes in production and development of ground twist drills for metal. The company´s production hall is equipped with machines of GÜHRING, NORMAC, HAUX, MIKROSA, MITUTOYO. The quality of goods is regularly checked and the products are marked by a label „TK“ after each check. We are systematically working on quality and service improvement.

The company NASTROJE CZ is the owner of several patents (trade marks) and registered marks. It is mainly unique geometry CZ002 and CZ004 which was developed on the basis of long-time experience and testing in the field of holes machining. This revolutionary geometry was awarded at several fairs both in the Czech Republic and also abroad. The quality and performance of our drills CZ002 and CZ004 was tested at Brno University of Technology in comparison with other competitors.The trade mark 4CZech was established in 2012. We produce fastening and hand tools under this mark. The company is also an owner of a trade mark „Czech product“.

Nowadays the company NASTROJE CZ produces a whole range of drills for metal, stone and wood; taps and abrasive under its own trade mark. It is a stable supplier of tools not only on European but especially on Czech and Slovak markets. It mainly specializes in metal machining. There are more than 25 thousand products of domestic and European brands in a modern warehouse of the area 2000 m². The value of the warehouse is around 10 million EUR in a selling price.

The company´s priority is maintaning business politics and providing high quality service for a customer. Our business politics and supply service enable us to supply wide spectrum of customers from wholesale stores through salesmen to end users. Keeping codex of good manners in business relations is natural for us. We put our customers´needs and interests first. We are able to complete orders within the Czech Republic and Slovakia with more than 95% of success due to our continuously improving logistics. We deliver the goods within 24 hours after placing an order. The net of professionally trained sales representatives provides trade consulting service in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have four retail stores in the Czech Republic so that we are able to provide professional service for end users. There are professional sales representatives and salesmen who provide information with large specialization.

Since we put stress on physical presentation of our products, we offer several possibilities how to test them. The first possibillity is to visit our retail stores in Bučovice, Dobruška, Lanškroun or Plzeň where you can see and test most of our products, especially in hand-held machines. The second possibillity is to book a mobile testing vehicle VW Crafter which is equipped with a drill press FLOTT and other machines NAREX. This demo-vehicle is available anywhere in Europe with a professionally trained sales representative. The third possibility is a testing CNC machine which is part of our training and testing centre in Ždánice.

The company NASTROJE CZ invests large part of its profit into new production and information technologies, education of employees and creation of pleasant working environment. It also focuses on support of education, culture, entertainment not only in the region of the company´s headquarters but also in the whole Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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