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We were awarded the prize of editorial staff of the journal TECHNIKA A TRH for the exhibit CZMK FIXTURE at the competition for the Gold Medal of the 50th International Engineering Fair. It is great success for us and appreciation of our development work. It is already the second appreciation of our products at the international level after the success with the CZ drills on The Engineering Fair in Nitra 2007.

International Engineering Fair Brno successfully ended for us. The CZ002 drills were nominated for Gold Medal. Thus we followed up the Fair Award received on International Engineering Fair in Nitra. The huge interest of professional public also confirmed that the drills with patented CZ002 and CZ004 geometry are revolutionary. Our booth was constantly surrounded by professional and non-professional public. It is not surprise that the final users and businessmen were the vast majority of interested persons who wanted to make sure by own eyeball how the drills bore. It is pleasant there is a interest of professionals from universities and secondary schools who want to include the information about new drill geometry in teaching. We would like to thank all our visitors (there were more than 2500) for the visit of our booth and promise that we will continue to develop the drills further.

CZ drills on the exhibition EMO HANNOVER 2007

21 09, 2007, 21:33
Although we did not exhibit on the world's fair EMO Hannover, our drills were there. They could be seen on the booths of two Czech companies. However we are focused on Czech and Slovak market. The official sale in Czech Republic will be opened on International Engineering Fair in Brno which takes place in the days of 1.-5.10.2007.

The tests of CZ002 and CZ004 drills in VUT Brno

10 09, 2007, 21:05
It starts long-term testing of the drills from CZ development series in VUT Brno since September.

International Engineering Fair in Nitra

30 05, 2007, 23:05
International Engineering Fair in Nitra was a huge success for us. Our patented drills of Development Series CZ with the geometry CZ002 and CZ004 received CENA VEĽTRHU (Fair Prize). It is a big appreciation of our effort to create the drills which are on the latest technical and technological level. We highly appreciate the award and are under an obligation to continue the drill development at the same time.


05 05, 2007, 21:05
Sale of drills with patent CZ profile will begin on 7.5.2007. The price list was updated on the occasion of the putting of the drills CZ002 and CZ004 on the market.


03 05, 2007, 16:21
Dear customers, we invite you to visit our booth No. vpJ2-01 during the fair in Nitra which takes place from 22. to 25.5.2007.

The catalogue sheets for the drills S338RCZ002, S338RCZ004

17 04, 2007, 15:10
Dear customers, our catalogue will be extended by other pages – separate sheets on the occasion of the putting of the new drills with geometry CZ002 and CZ004 on the market. The catalogue sheets can be ordered. The Catalogue will be updated on our website as well.

Drills in Metals with CZ002 and CZ004 Geometry

04 04, 2007, 16:30
The drill with CZ002 geometry is the successor of so far the most extended drills with N geometry (e.g. DIN 338RNHSS, PN2913). It is ideal both for hand-held drills – it does not dance and for machine drilling. The drill with CZ004 geometry is the specialist for drilling of stainless steel and steels above 1000N/mm2. It is the successor of so far the most required drill with labelling DIN338RTiHSSCo5 or PN2907. It is revolutionary solution of overall drill geometry improved by usage of new materials. The result of drilling in steel with the CZ drills is precise, high-quality machined bore without necessity of rough-drilling. The drill has higher durability in comparison with above drill norms. It works at higher cutting speeds and can be reground without problems!

Patented Geometry of CZ Drills

04 04, 2007, 16:00
The Company NÁSTROJECZ,s.r.o. is placing the CZ drills with patented geometry on the market. The application of utility model is filed under file number PUV 2007-18528. The Application of European patent is filed under No. EP07005754.

Start of Sale of Czech Drills S338RCZ002HSS and S388RCZ004HSSCo5

04 04, 2007, 15:40
Dear business friends, the long-awaited sale of the drills with patented revolutionary geometry CZ002 and CZ004 will start by the end of April. You will find more about their properties in April release of the journal MM Industrial Spectrum.

Development laboratory

Our company has own development and testing laboratory. The laboratory serves for continuous testing of our products and for further development of new drills. We are motivated to continuous development due to our customers. We are enriched with new experience used in new tools by helping them to solve their problems with machining of different materials.

The drill from development series with marking CZ005 is being tested successfully.

The drill CZ005 is the drill with unique point geometry. Its properties predetermine it to be the specialist for drilling of high accurate bores in thin materials as are sheet metals, tubes and profiles.

The specialist for stainless steel – the drill with marking CZ004

The specialist for drilling of stainless steel and steels up to 1000N/mm2. It is the successor of the drill with marking 338RTiHSSCo5 which has been most required up to the present day. It is revolutionary solution of overall drill geometry.

Order of printed catalogue

Dear customers,
We inform you that it is possible to send the order for printed catalogues to our address: see contact - shipment in case of your interest.

Drill S338RCZ002HSS

The drill with the marking S338RCZ002HSS is being tested intensively now. Its performance, service life and accuracy of drilled hole surpass the drill 338RNHSS.

The drill from development series with the marking CZ003 is being tested successfully.

The tests of three-edged drill are taking place successfully. The drill was shown to professional public for the first time.